Kitchen Collection

Dores creates the perfect blend of intelligent technology, functionality and design in the kitchen fittings. Our kitchen fittings consist of standardized units pre-fabricated in a huge array of materials, available in varied hues and with a neat finishing.

A blend of style and elegance comes in our
Premium features

Our products speak of good quality and finish. Our range of drawers shut on the lightest touch, have hydraulic
hinges and a smooth mechanism.

Multiple Storage Racks

Create efficient kitchen storage with our bottle rack basket that is flawless and easy to use. It supports storing bottles of all shapes and sizes which in turn helps keep the kitchen counter clean and clutter-free. Featured with seamless hinges for smooth opening and closing, it adapts and accommodates all shapes and sizes.

  • Hidden Features

  • Bespoke Design

  • Breath life

Glass Pull Out Baskets
Drawer Dividers

customized Needs

Your own way

Drawer Divider with velvet

Customized Drawer Solution

Utility Storage


Complete range

Of Aluminium Profiles

Corner kitchen cabinet

Streamline your pots, pans and lids with this two – tier cookware storage. It is smooth and stable that independently operates rollout shelves. It minimizes the dead space by changing the single 90-degree angle into two 45 degree bends thus optimizing the storage space intelligently.

Divide and Store
Multi level drawer storage

The multi-level drawer storage unit carries all the large size and small size things perfectly. It provides optimal storage utilization and more ergonomic comfort in kitchens. A sliding convenience makes everyday chores an ease.

  • Fully Customized
  • Adjustable and easy to use Separator
  • Built according to individual specifications
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All the essentials & accessories find a space in.
Wide Range

Our designs reflect the new age consumer needs. All kitchen solutions are customized with finest materials and
accessories thereby making kitchen a place where cooking becomes a pleasure.

Door Mount Glass Basket
Pullout Drawer Baskets

Door Mount Glass Basket with silent soft close
Item No.Dimension (w x d x h)
DAV 501 - 45 414 x 460 x 170 mm
DAV 501 - 60 564 x 460 x 170 mm
DAV 501 - 90 864 x 460 x 170 mm

53 mm heavy duty BB slide

53 mm heavy duty BB slide Loading Capacity 130 kg

Frosted Glass Rolling Shutter
Rolling Shutter

Frosted Glass Rolling Shutter
Item No.Dimension (w x d x h)
DJS G 600 600 x 1320 mm

Cabinet Down Stay
Overhead Storage Solution

Cabinet Down Stay DCS 006

Inner Drawer Box System
Pantry Units

Inner Drawer Box System Customize Drawer Width

Auto Lid Dustbin
Undersink Storage Solutions

Auto Lid Dustbin Size: 8 L, 14 L

3-Shelf Glass Organizer Basket
Bottle Pullout & Organizers

3-Shelf Glass Organizer Basket with silent soft close
Item No.Dimension
DAV 502 350 x 450 x 490 mm
DAV 503 300 x 450 x 490 mm
DAV 504 250 x 450 x 490 mm

Cabinet Switch
Fittings & Accessories

Cabinet Switch

Plate Holder
Cutlery & Drawer Inserts

Plate Holder DJB PH

D 105

D 105 Crank 0 / 8 / 15, slide on

Drawer Box Storage Systems

White Chrome Drawer Box With Cross Dividers with silent soft close
Item No.Dimension
DJK 500 AC DS 600 Drawer Divider Systems - 600 mm
DJK 500 AC DS 900 Drawer Divider Systems - 900 mm

DAP 115
Kitchen Profiles

DAP 115 Silver, SS, Chrome

Corner Drawer Box System
Corner Storage Solution

Corner Drawer Box System with silent soft close
Item No.Dimension
DJK CT-1 with single gallery

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